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We pride ourselves on providing the freshest ingredients and sourcing it as locally as possible
(Prices may vary slightly due to delays in updating the site)

Lunch (Served 12-ish to 3-ish or we run out)

Sandwiches & Ciabattas 

Granary (G), White (G) or NGCI (Non-gluten containing ingredients) *Dairy free spread is available.


BLT: Smoked Bacon, Salad Leaves, Tomato & Mayo £9

Cheddar (D) & Red Onion Chutney £7.25

Cheese & Ham £8

Brie (D) & Cranberry £7.50

+ Bacon (£2.50)

Jumbo Battered Fish Finger Sandwich (G) & Tartare Sauce/Ketchup £10

(Izzy’s) Fried Halloumi Wrap (G) served with Salad Leaves, Cucumber & Sweet Chilli Sauce £6.50

Goats Cheese, Chorizo, Red Onion Chutney & Rocket Ciabatta (G) £9


Plant-Based Options:

Humus, Tomato & Lettuce £7

Vegan Cheese, Tomato & Vegan Basil Pesto (N) £8

Falafel (G), Hummus & Salad Wrap (G) £7.50


Sandwiches For Smaller Appetites £4

with Cucumber Slices & Crisps (GF) Cheese (D)/Ham/Sausage (G) or Fish Finger (G) (£5)


Sweetcorn Hash (V) (G) £8

Served with Fried Halloumi or Bacon, Poached Egg, Chilli Flakes & Sweet Chilli Sauce


Salt & Pepper Squid Wrap (G,Mo,So) £8

Served with Salad Leaves, Cucumber & Sweet Chilli Sauce


Chips £3.50

Cheesy Chips (D) £5


Cornish Cream Tea £6

A Scrumptious HOMEMADE Fruit or Plain Scone (G) with Clotted Cream (D), Strawberry Jam & a Pot of Tea or Cup of Coffee (add 75p)

Scone and Butter (G, D, E) £2.25

Scone, Butter & Jam (G, D, E) £2.75

Scone, Jam & Cream (G, D, E) £4

Toasted Teacake & Butter (G, D, E) £2

Add Jam 50p

(NGCI & Vegan Scones are usually available)


Savoury Tea (G,D,E) £7

HOMEMADE Cheese Scone, Cornish Cheddar (D), Butter (D) Devon Chilli Jam or Red Onion Chutney & a Pot of Tea/Cup of Coffee (add 75p) 

Cheese Scone & Butter (G,D,E) £2.50

 PLEASE NOTE: Availability and price may vary at our discretion. 


Allergens (Letters indicate does/may contain): (D) Dairy, (G) Gluten, (N) Nuts, (E) Egg, (M) Mustard (S) Sulphites (So) Soya (Mo) Mollusc. Please speak to a member of the team if you have any dietary requirements or questions (We endeavour to avoid cross-contamination we cannot guarantee it)

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